“The best training I’ve ever had! Excellent teacher, excellent skills and tools.”

Dirk Hartmannshenn


“Working with Colin has been amazing. His energy, ideas and insight have boosted my confidence, helping me craft some of my best presentations. But most importantly, Colin has shown me how to make my presentations enjoyable for me and my audience, whilst getting my message across effectively.”

Dave Townsley Group Account Director bqlive.co.uk


“Colin is the type of presentation coach you wish you’d always had. I think he could help me become an orator, a speaker of power and ‘convincingness’ – and everything in between. Colin is a passionate, insightful, and decent man who put me at my ease. He suggested I use shorter sentences. There, I just did it. He suggested I use contrast, repetition, and clusters of threes. [See, it’s working]. Colin worked with me over a weekend, preparing me for an important pitch presentation. I have no idea how I would have got myself sorted for it otherwise. One of audience asked me for my slides, so we must have done something right! Hire Colin and let yourself be guided in stages via insight, encouragement, and skill. Engage Colin over a longer period and gain calmness, precision, and effectiveness. Hire him for your team and level-up to better business outcomes.”

Justin Souter MD, Souter Consulting Ltd.


“The Technologiepark Heidelberg has been working with Colin for several years. For our life science and IT accelerator projects, as well as for Summer Schools, we regularly contact Colin to train the pitches of participant start-ups. With excellent presentations and one-to-one coaching, Colin trains entrepreneurs to achieve the best possible outcome when pitching in front of investors. We really appreciate Colin’s insight-sharing through his speeches as well as through his analytical skills and empathy. The performance of the participants after Colin’s coaching could not be better: the teams improve both their ability to present and their use of rhetorical techniques in order to convince potential investors. Their presentations become very concrete and very memorable. The Heidelberg Technology Park looks forward to continuing to work with Colin in the future.”

Paul Becker – Project Manager Up2B Accelerator – Technologiepark Heidelberg


“As the owner of a digital agency responsible for bringing in new work, I’ve been selling professionally in one form or another for around 15 years. In that time I must have clocked up in the region of 200 pitches, and, frankly, I like to think that I know a thing or two about how to pitch. For the 2017 South Tyneside Tech Challenge, however, we were tasked with pitching our software against seven excellent competitors in a three-minute format. This was nothing like the consultative solution sell I’m used to and well outside my comfort zone, so I was grateful for the opportunity of engaging Colin to provide me with some professional support. Colin’s technique blended elements of psychology, video recording/analysis and script-writing/review and I have to say, his methodology was rigorous and extremely effective. In advance of our session he took the time to find out the judging criteria for the challenge, and articulated well the challenge of what is possible to impress on people in a three-minute data dump (almost nothing). I found his precision, diligence and attention to detail impressive – together we considered the minutiae of every word, idiom and cadence – and his blend of theoretical explanation and practical advice worked well to improve my performance. He fielded all of my stupid questions with admirable patience too, which was kind of him. Most importantly, he tuned in very quickly to my personality and where we made amendments and additions, we did so in my own voice and style. At the end of the session our pitch was sharper, my delivery crisper and I was confident with the calculated risks we had together elected to take: eschewing technical detail for narrative, the incorporation of humour and a sprinkling of light swearing. The result? We won the Tech Challenge – much to my surprise – and received a number of very generous compliments about our pitch (as well as a few enquiries and opportunities off the back of it). Colin’s was the first formal pitch training I’ve ever had; I wish I’d done it years ago.”

Pete Daykin Daykin & Storey


“I had no previous experience in public speaking, so when I was asked to make a presentation on 3D printing in front of some industry experts I would say I was a little nervous. Colin came highly recommended and within 2 hours I felt that I had come on leaps and bounds. Colin really seemed to care about what I was doing this was confirmed by the after support that he gave me. He was quick to answer any questions that I had after the training sessions and he could not come more highly recommended.”

Liam Monte Director AM3D


“The presentations training with Colin saved me: without his competent support, my speech at the G8 summit at Heiligendamm would have been a disaster. With his help, the response was extremely positive. Presenting can be so easy when you know how to do it. Colin’s mastery of this topic is second to none. His seminars are very efficient and fun at the same time. I can highly recommend training with Colin to everyone who has to present or give speeches. It’s almost negligent not to do it.”

Dr Wulf Bentlage


“A ground-breaking way to present. Colin’s advice combines high levels of intelligence, flair and intuition. Thanks to him, my presentations have gained considerably in persuasive power.”

Dr Stefan Klomfass


“This was far and away the best seminar I’ve taken part in concerning presentations and presentation techniques: it was from the first to the last second exciting, extremely interesting, varied and motivating… I can recommend that anyone who has anything whatsoever to do with presentations should have the pleasure of doing this seminar.”

Adrian Sachse


“This was one of the best seminars I’ve ever attended. I can’t imagine how much effort must have gone into producing such a complete workshop. Even though we gave him a relatively large group, with mixed work backgrounds, and even though we covered loads of content, from start to finish he kept us all on board. Colin has the talent to create interactive seminars that keep the whole group fully motivated and having fun. I can warmly recommend this seminar to anyone who has anything to do with presentations of any type.”

Stefan Itter


“The best seminar I’ve ever done” was a common reaction to this training. All of our team found this seminar extremely useful for their jobs. What’s more, the management noticed a clear and immediate improvement in their presentations.”

Sabine Helweg


“I did a 2-day one-to-one consultancy with Colin, and was really impressed by his professionalism and knowledge. Throughout, we focused on my needs and my presentation, refining and polishing it in terms of language, rhetoric, and storytelling. By the end, I was absolutely clear how to do a successful presentation that would engage my audience. I’d do it again, and can recommend it highly!”

Angela Haug – Director Regional Marketing Central & Northern Europe Hilton Worldwide


“I cannot recommend Colin and his seminars enough. It became early clear to me Colin has a passion for teaching others how to present well. He really lit a fire within me and now I feel presenting is so much easier.”

Kim Andersson


“Colin’s workshop exceeded our expectations how we could improve our business presentations: His focus on three building blocks: Attention, Believe and Care, helped us to transform complex topics into touching presentations that stick in people’s minds. Working with a group of six people, Colin did a great job in helping us on an individual basis to find our own style of presentation. The atmosphere during the workshop allowed us to test and to iterate a lot. We all developed and made great improvements.”

The team of German EIT Health GmbH


“A comprehensive and inspirational workshop from an empathetic trainer. Anyone who has to present should attend this seminar.”

Viviane Loop


“I recommend this seminar warmly. Colin is highly motivated and well prepared. I not only had a lot of fun, but also – thanks to the activities, video analysis and feedback – feel that I learnt a lot about presenting.”

Petra Kukelka


“I highly recommend this seminar. With its emphasis on practical exercises, the training gives you the chance to apply different techniques to your own presentations and achieve excellent results.”

Stephan Giesche


“Amazing trainer: creative, vivid, varied and clear methods; lots of opportunities to practise the techniques. All in all, a great trainer and a top-notch seminar.”

Erich Gredig


“From my side unlimited praise: highly professional preparation and execution from Colin. The seminar content can be transferred immediately one-to-one to our daily business. It’s hard to find a better trainer than Colin.”

Harald Nolterieke


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