Emotions 2 – Surprise

Surprise is one of the presenter’s best friends. Why? Because it’s all about that most valuable commodity: audience attention. Professor Bryan Boyd suggests that our minds exist to do one thing: [...]

Emotions I

We misunderstand how people make decisions. That’s the message in Kotter and Cohen’s The Heart of Change. The standard view, they say, is that we analyse, then think, and then we change. They [...]

Language and the Brain

One thing that distinguishes great presenters is their choice of language. What do we need to know about language to help us do even better presentations? Imagine you were running a university [...]

The Benefits of a Story

Using a story is a good idea. We get to the problem early and understand it pretty clearly. It also gives you the potential to talk about other elements in your pitch (competition, business [...]

Laser Pointers

I often see pitches where the presenter uses a laser pointer. I’m not a big fan. First, it doesn’t highlight information as well as the speaker thinks. Often it just confuses the audience. [...]